Women’s Day Calendar 2021-22

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Women’s Day Calendar 2021-22

Launching a calendar dedicated to acid attack survivors has been a tradition for us since 2016 until we faced one of the most unfortunate challenges of thriving in the global pandemic. It all started in 2016 when we released our first calendar named ‘Bello’, meaning courage and inner beauty in Italian script. The groundbreaking calendar celebrated the ambitions and dreams of acid attack survivors by featuring them in subsequent leaves of the calendar. And since then we have celebrated our victories over the prejudices we have fought against acid violence through a commemorative calendar.

How the Women’s Day Calendar helps Acid Attack Survivors?

On International Women’s Day, this calendar is celebrating the very spirit of A Gift Story – An Online Gift Venture run by Acid Attack Survivors and the self-sufficiency it brings in the life of acid attack survivors. It features a range of rich digitally curated illustrations carrying micro-narratives of how skills learned through this venture bring entrepreneurial and skill-based confidence in them.

Every leaf carries an illustration loaded with an impactful micro-narrative explaining the experience of each and every survivor associated with this project as they challenge themselves in these times of distress to bring the best out of them.

This calendar as a product is expected to increasingly guide and shape social policies, institutional designs, cultural meanings, and moral judgments in attitudes and behaviors towards acid attack survivors in various walks of life, as the calendar communicates its value sitting on your desk and table.

Every buyer of Women’s Day Calendar 2021-22 is going to build a constructive moral identity with his/her purchase of the calendar, as they support a venture that empowers acid attack survivors at every step of its being.

Women’s Day Calendar 2021-22 is an important medium for us to communicate with the masses of all sorts about the sensitive nature of acid violence. Its importance as a daily life product will fetch us ingrained awareness impossible from other sorts of physical campaigning. With products like the Women’s Day Calendar, we have attempted to not just appeal for donations or increase the awareness of the cause instead motivate mass effort to affect change.